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Let Nancy R. Gough, PhD, help you communicate your science more effectively to increase your chances for publication, funding, and promotion.
  • Manuscript preparation assistance (pitch, focus, weaknesses, and organization)
  • Manuscript writing
  • Editing of drafted manuscripts
  • Editing of cover letters
  • Editing of responses to reviewers
  • Writing or editing press releases
  • Editing of drafted grant proposals
  • Editing of drafted progress reports
  • Assistance with faculty position applications
  • Editing of drafted content for poster or oral presentations

My goal is to not only ensure correct written English, but to help each author present a more competitive, scientifically sound story. With 7 years of experience as a bench scientist and then 17 years of editorial experience in a multidisciplinary journal, I am familiar with issues that reviewers are likely to find and will critically evaluate the scientific content of the grant or manuscript. My services serve as a presubmission in-depth review of the preliminary data and proposed studies or  the data and interpretation for grants and manuscripts, respectively.

For author services, pricing is based on the amount of data, length of documents, and requested turn-around time. Assistance can include (i) helping pitch and organize data, (ii) identify weaknesses in a study or grant, (iii) write a draft of the manuscript, (iv) edit a drafted manuscript, and (iv) communicate with editors and reviewers. Quotes can be divided into segments based on work desired, and projects or sections of proposals can be capped at maximum amounts.

Managing deadline-driven projects is a skill that I honed as the Editor of a weekly journal.  Thus, I can also assist in coordinating and collating multi-author proposals and manuscripts, serving as a “project manager” so that you can focus on your research or the parts you need to contribute for the multi-lab project.

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Comments from authors who have used the services of BioSerendipity:

“It was really a pleasure working with Nancy at Science Signaling in the past. She always went further than the usual journal editing process and always tried to make the manuscript more clear for the general reader. So I didn’t doubt to contact her at BioSerendipity to edit my grant proposal. She did a really great job, making it more accessible, clear and with an excellent flow. Her comments and suggestions were spot on and she finished the project right on schedule.” – Marcelo P. Coba, University of Southern California, California

“Having worked with Nancy Gough at Science Signaling in the past, I was very excited to work with her again. Nancy did an incredible job editing my grant. She worked hard to make it easy for me to incorporate her edits and suggestions into my normal LaTeX process. She turned the project around very quickly and was extremely detailed. I’ll be forever grateful to her for catching a critical error that surfaced in a figure.” – Kristen Naegle, Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri

“Thank you very much for wonderful editing! Your editing is absolutely different from the ones we have ever had, and I really enjoyed reading your suggestions and comments. I am sure that your editing makes our manuscript much improved and convincing.” – Shinya Kuroda,  University of Tokyo, Japan

Comments from authors of manuscripts handled by Nancy R. Gough, as Editor of Science Signaling:

“I was so blessed to have Nancy as my editor. Not only did her guidance elevate my paper, but she also went beyond her editorial duties and explained the entire scientific publishing process and how to shape a meaningful message to the reader. I drew on my lessons from Nancy when I wrote subsequent manuscripts and presentations as her explanation of how to cater to the scientific audience resonated with me. I am forever grateful to her for generosity in sharing her considerable expertise for such a comprehensive introduction to the world of scientific publishing and communications.” – Heather Bowling

“It is really a pleasant experience to work with Nancy. She is professional, enthusiastic and very careful. She and her team greatly improved our manuscript.” – Jianhua Xing

“…thank you very much for the excellent editorial work on the manuscript.” – Ron Mittler

“You did a fantastic editing work that will improve the quality of our manuscript.” – Jacques Nunes

“Working with Nancy in the past 10 years has been a success both professionally and personally. Nancy has an amazing gift at interpreting complex data and turning it into a simple and compelling message.” – Youssef Belkhadir

“Your inputs significantly improved the quality of the paper. Without your hard work and great editorial skills, this would have not been possible. It was a pleasure working with you.”  and “We also recently got the news that the work has been recognized by New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame to receive Innovators Award in 2009, for the novel cross-disciplinary engineering-biology invention. We believe all this would not have been possible without your great editorial work and professional comments. We are very grateful to you.” – Ali Abdi

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