Career training services


Learn how to communicate your science more effectively.  Find out how to write for different audiences. Learn about careers in scientific editing and writing. Find out what hiring managers ask editorial candidates. Nancy R. Gough, PhD, will come to your location for a single training presentation or partial-day or multiday workshop. Sample topics include

  • Demystifying Peer Review
  • Understanding the Scholarly Publishing Process
  • An Editor’s Guide to Effective Scientific Communication
  • Communicating Science to Different Audiences
  • Practical Tips for Writing Science
  • The Mechanics of Writing a Manuscript
  • Writing Effective Titles, Abstracts, and Cover Letters
  • Loving the Life of Deadlines: Careers as a Scientific Editor
  • Science Communication Careers Beyond the Bench
  • Practice Writing Workshops

The university or institute covers travel expenses and fees for presentations and workshops. Prices start at $250. Discounts are available for presentations at geographically close locations.

Listen to a snippet of a Presentation developed for AAAS Career Development site:


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