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Demystifying Peer Review

  1. Scholarly Publishing
    • Business Models
    • Access Models
    • Editorial Models
  2. Peer Review Processes
    • Essential Elements of Peer Review
    • Professional Editor Processes
    • Academic Editor Processes
    • Variations in Peer Review Processes
    • Example of Manuscript Process at Science Signaling
  3. Choosing Reviewers
    • Who to Exclude
    • Who to Include
    • How to Find
    • Sample Reviewer Selection Chart
  4. Making Decisions
    • Reject without In-Depth Review
    • Review Criteria (what reviewers evaluate)
    • Journal Criteria (what editors evaluate)
    • Decisions: Reject, Revise, Resubmit
    • Easy Decisions
    • Hard Decisions
    • Rejections with or without Invitation to Resubmit
    • When and How to Appeal
    • Time

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