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An Editor’s Guide to Effective Scientific Communication

  1. Scientific Editing as a Career
    • Current Position
    • Life at AAAS
    • Life before Deadlines
    • Life as a Research Journal Editor
    • Life as a Secondary Literature Journal Editor
    • Other Tasks Editors Do
    • You Will Love Editing If
    • You Will Hate Editing If
    • Editor Skin
    • The Best and Worst Parts of Editor Life
    • What Hiring Managers Seek
    • Career Trajectory
  2. Effective Science Communication
    • 5 Golden Rules
    • Audience
    • Think Like an Editor
    • Think Like a Reviewer
    • The Power of the Cover Letter
    • The Importance of the Title and Abstract
    • Practical Writing Tips
  3. Samples
    • Titles: From Expert to Broad Audience
    • Titles: From Oversold to Accurate and Precise
    • Titles: From Confusing to Clear
    • Abstracts: Long and rambling to telling a coherent story
    • Abstracts: Long and methodologically dense with jargon to shorter with a clear message

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