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In addition to teaching at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Nancy R. Gough has decades of experience in public speaking. She has given presentations to librarians about Science Signaling, presentations to students and post-doctoral fellows about careers in editing, and presentations to diverse audiences about effective scientific writing and science communication. Below are some comments about her presentations, as well as samples of presentations given.

From “Loving the Life of Deadlines & Demystifying Peer Review,” given at Barts Cancer Institute, London, UK (2017):

“Thank you so much for speaking with our PhD students at the Barts Cancer Institute. To have such a high profile speaker visit us was a real pleasure. Your engaging and intelligent talk regarding life as a journal editor and breaking into the field was greatly received by all students who attended. We especially appreciated the discussion that was encouraged between yourself and the audience during and after the talk, as we felt this really gave us a chance to pick up on your wisdom and expertise. You really challenged the audience to think about what they could gain from you on a personal and professional level. Your experience, personal strength and class during your entire visit really shone through, it truly was a pleasure to have hosted you. We would love to have you back in the future.” – Elizabeth Rose Murray, Ph.D. student, Barts Cancer Center, Queen Mary University of London, London, United Kingdom

From “An Editor’s Guide to Effective Science Communication,” given at University of Cambridge, UK (2017):

“It was a pleasure to host you at the Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge. Thank you for agreeing to visit us at such a short notice and your great talk on effective science communication covering – how to use social media, the power of press releases, and how to write effective titles and abstracts. As someone who closely worked with you, I am aware of the time and effort you put into distilling complex scientific concepts and effectively communicating them to different audiences. Thank you for sharing that wisdom, and hints and pointers with us. We had undergraduates, post graduates, postdocs, group leaders, and even members from the office of scholarly communication in the audience. I felt everyone had a take-home message. There were some group leaders who were in their midst of applying for grants and faculty positions and they felt it was useful and thanked for me organizing it. It is also probably the first time we have had social scientists as members of audience in the Genetics Department! It must have been an illuminating discussion for our undergraduates too who are just about start writing their first literature report. Once again, thank you.” – Sudhakaran Prabakaran, Group Leader, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom

From “Professional Editing: Loving the Life of Deadlines and Demystifying the Peer Review Process,” given at the Vienna Biocenter Campus of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (2017):

“Thank you very much for accepting my invitation to speak at the Vienna Biocenter Campus. Your lecture on professional editing and the peer review process was a ‘standout’ job and went splendidly. The PhD students as well as the Postdoctoral associates loved it and I got many compliments for inviting a world-class speaker of your caliber.” – Youssef Belkhadir, Group Leader, Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant BIology, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria

From the AAAS/Science Site Licensing Event (2011):

“I just wanted to express our appreciation for your attendance and very-well received presentation at our AAAS/Science Site Licensing event in Boston this past Saturday. You gave a lively, informative and enthusiastic presentation on the research features and functionality of Science Signaling. ” – Kiki Forsythe, library site license sales, AAAS

“… if you would be available to meet with the librarians attending the AAAS Meeting at their Librarian’s Orientation on Saturday […] and talk about signaling and AAAS related resources, as well as future efforts. Several librarians heard you speak at ALA Midwinter this year and asked this week to invite you if possible.” – Diane Rein, American Library Association liaison to AAAS and bioinformatics librarian at the University of Buffalo

From “Advances in Cell Signaling,” given at Georgetown University (2006):

“… one of the strongest editors science could have had- thoughtful, looked ahead to the future, innovative and wonderful to know!” – Lopa Mishra, Georgetown University Medical Center

 Selected Invited Presentations

An Editor’s Guide to Effective Science CommunicationUniversity of Cambridge, UK (2017)
Loving the Life of Deadlines & Demystifying Peer ReviewImperial College London, UK (2017)

Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London, UK (2017)
Professional Editing: Loving the Life of Deadlines Demystifying the Peer Review ProcessGregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology, Vienna Biocenter Campus, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria, Vienna (2017
How to Get Published in a Science Family JournalCell Signaling in Cancer: From Mechanisms to Therapy (FASEB Summer Conference, 2016)
How to Get Published in a Science JournalKeystone Joint Symposium: Nuclear Receptor—Full Throttle and Metabolism, Transcription, and Disease (2016)

MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, TX (2015)
Getting Published in Science

Pursuing a Career as a Journal Editor
Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai, NY (2015)
Behind the Scenes at AAAS/Science: How to Get Published in a Science JournalDuke University, NC (2015)

University of North Carolina, NC (2015)

University of Texas, TX (2016)
Publishing in a Science Journal (A Guide to Science Writing) Bioscience Education Network (BEN) Scholars Workshop (2012)

Cell Signaling Networks, Merida, Mexico (2011)

New Inroads to Child Health (NICHe) and ESPE Science School (2010)
Science Signaling: Research, Teach, and Discover with the Weekly Journal Devoted to Cellular Signal TransductionAAAS/Science Site Licensing Event (2011)
From Lab to EditorUniversity of Maryland at Baltimore (2007)
Advances in Cell SignalingGeorgetown University Medical Center (2006)
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