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Mechanics of Writing a Draft

  1. Choose a Message
    • Identify up to 4 key points your data support
    • Identify one as a candidate to emphasize in the title
    • Identify an overarching message for the study
  2. Organize the Data
    • Select data and presentation format
    • Create figures and tables
    • Write detailed legends and captions
  3. Write the Materials & Methods
    • Overarching rules in study design
    • When to reference
    • When to describe
    • What to include
  4. Write the Results and Legends
    • General guidance
    • Organization of each section
    • Best practices in writing figure legends
  5. Write the Introduction and Conclusion
    • Purpose of the introduction
    • Purpose of the conclusion
  6. Write the Title and Abstract
    • Characteristics of an effective title
    • Properties of the abstract

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